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Haddonfield SEM Company Reports: Holiday Crime Tips

Tis the season for holiday theft.    While you’re busy shopping for friends and family, thieves are scheming to steal your credit cards and pin numbers.  Police site a significant increase in car theft, robberies and personal crime, but there are things you can do protect yourself.  The most important tip law enforcement recommend is situational awareness and making yourself a harder target.  It is critical that we are aware of  of our surroundings at all times.  When preparing for a shopping trip bring only the credit cards that will be used for that particular purchase and make sure that you have copies of the front and back of your credit cards available in a secure place in the event they are stolen.  When traveling over the holiday season illuminate your home with the help of timers to give it that “lived in” look and notify neighbors that you will be away so that they can keep an eye on your property.


The Haddonfield SEO Specialists at Premier Legal Marketing wish you a happy  and SAFE holiday season.  Follow this link for more holiday crime stopping suggestions.  

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