Internet Marketing Company Reviews the Basics of Pay-Per-Click


Internet Marketing Company Reviews the Basics of Pay-Per-Click

PPCPay-Per-Click (PPC) is emerging as a critical component of a successful online and SEO marketing campaign.  PPC defines a set budget for your advertising and provides detailed reporting on its effectiveness.  An effective PPC campaign will achieve top paid search results that correlate to your non-paid listing.  For those new to PPC, here is some basic information you need to know.

For a PPC campaign to be successful, your keywords must be relevant and in line with what users are searching for.  Search engines will display your ad when users search for your specific keywords.  Once you identify the appropriate keywords for your ad, a suitable daily budget must be established.

PPC is growing in popularity for a few reasons.  PPC allows customers to increase and safeguard their brand name as well as more easily quantify results.  PPC allows you to measure a variety of performance goals including:

  • The number of clicks your ad received,
  • Your average cost per click,
  • Your conversion rate,
  • Total number of conversions,
  • ROI data including revenue generated.

The SEO specialists at Premier Legal Marketing have extensive experience managing successful PPC campaigns for our clients.  Our experienced team also offers additional online marketing services including search engine optimization, social media marketing, website design, email marketing and reputation management.  For more information on developing a PPC campaign for your firm, contact our SEO specialists today.  Call our office at 856-448-4736.  You may also contact us online.