Taking Advantage of Google’s Mobile-First Index


Taking Advantage of Google’s Mobile-First Index

Philadelphia SEO company designs responsive websites incorporating Google's mobile first index to ensure your website's success in rankings.In the past, Google established a ranking baseline of website visits and internet searches based on desktop users only. However, this was before the exponential increase of mobile phone usage upended the previous standard. Now that mobile users exceed those using desktop computers, Google plans to revamp their system of indexing to change the ranking of mobile usage above desktop. Although the internet giant acknowledges that desktop units have not lost their relevance, they must respond and adjust to the overwhelming increase in mobile visits. Google will employ a mobile-first index ranking system that will apply mobile phone visits first in the rankings, and then evaluate desktop visits.

Mobile-First Indexing Defined

Upon hearing the phrase mobile-first indexing, it may sound like a complex technological term that few individuals beyond digital professionals may understand. Broken down, however, it is fairly easy for the layperson to comprehend. The system in which Google designates each webpage is an indexing system while “mobile” refers to mobile phone or smartphone usage. “First” infers that this usage will be considered first when determining which results appear initially after a Google search.

Mobile and desktop indexing is combined, and, currently, desktop visits are considered first. Although desktop totals will not be eliminated, they will rank secondary to mobile due to the increase in mobile usage. Google’s goal is to streamline users’ ability to search and receive the most accurate and relevant information by employing mobile totals first. This means that both your desktop and mobile sites should conform to the new indexing system and be optimized for ideal internet placement.

Mobile-First Indexing Preparation

Google has given no specific time frame for when indexing will be updated, but no matter when it occurs, your law firm should prepare ahead of time, so that your sites appear front and center in searches. The first priority should be to test your firm’s mobile website to determine how mobile-friendly it is to users. Confirm that your desktop web content is easily seen and accessed on mobile devices. Determine if your site is mobile-friendly, which means optimized for mobile use although not specifically designed for mobile devices; or mobile-responsive, which means it transforms or responds to whichever device the user accesses the site.

Overall, your law firm’s website to be easily accessible and streamlined for all types of devices. Several areas of content such as text and images, tap targets (places to click), phone numbers, etc., should be checked numerous times to avoid any issues when the site is live and in operation for any mobile user.

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