SEO Company: Mobile SEO is Imperative


SEO Company: Mobile SEO is Imperative

Mobile SEOLong considered to be an off-shoot of its desktop counterparts, mobile phone searches have grown with the proliferation of smart phones, and as a result have recently eclipsed computer searches in popularity. Having a website that is responsively designed allow users to easily browse the internet and access information via their smart phones or tablets. Having a mobile-friendly site is now more important than ever, as many users will overlook a site with a poor interface and content that is not completely accessible or cut off.

Furthermore, fast loading sites are important as Google now penalizes slower sites by ranking them lower in search results. Mobile sites allow for more seamless, faster load times than standard sites and do not require users to constantly zoom in or out, which is often frustrating.

What once was optional has now become imperative, as a poorly formatted mobile site will only serve to hurt your SEO and site traffic.

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