5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Made By Lawyers


5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Made By Lawyers

common mistakesLawyers struggling to build their client lists face stiff competition in today’s market. With no shortage of attorneys to choose from, potential clients are turning to the internet to help them narrow their choices and choose the best attorney. If your law firm is suffering from silent phones and empty inboxes, it could be due to online marketing mistakes. Five common digital marketing mistakes lawyers often make are detailed below.

  1. Failing to establish an online presence

The vast majority of your potential clients turn to the internet when they need a lawyer. Some may be considering hiring a lawyer and researching their circumstances to find out what legal options are available to them. Others may have already decided they need an attorney and are searching for the best fit, but almost every potential client will perform some type of online research before calling a lawyer. Your website, social media profiles and online legal directories are crucial tools necessary to reach new clients in today’s world. If your online presence is lacking, potential clients will turn to competitors who have provided more information about their practice through digital marketing.

  1. SEO and keyword ignorance

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving; therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving. Lawyers who recognize the need for a strong online presence may still struggle to get their websites seen by potential clients without also employing a strong SEO and keyword strategy. Keyword research indicates that internet searches are becoming far more targeted and specific, and simple SEO strategies that have been used in the past are no longer effective. As search engines get smarter, the need for high-quality, informative and relevant website content has become essential to achieving high search engine rankings.

  1. Advertising rates online

Advertising your rates online can trap you into working for an inadequate rate and could damage your firm’s online reputation. Each client and case is unique, and it may be impossible to accurately predict the amount of fees that could be incurred in each case, or how much time you will need to spend with each client. If the cost of a case exceeds your advertised rates, you may end up with negative online reviews from disgruntled former clients. If your firm offers free initial consultations, you can (and should) advertise this information. Other than that, it is best to explain your rates to each potential client individually during an initial consultation.

  1. Website lacks video

Including video interviews on your website will not only increase traffic to your website, it will also allow potential clients to visibly connect with you and your firm. Incorporating videos produced by a professional video service on your website and making them available on You Tube and other social media platforms is a great way to convey your message to potential clients, expand your target audience and boost your website’s rankings.

  1. Not Dressing Up for Pictures

Even if you have a casual dress code in the office, when it comes to photos for your website or social media outlets, you must dress professionally in order to convey competency and professionalism. For many potential clients, your online photos will be their first impression of you and your firm, and failing to dress the part of a high-powered, successful lawyer could cause internet searchers to move on and check out your competition instead.

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