Building a Content Marketing Strategy


Building a Content Marketing Strategy

New Jersey SEO Company weighs in on the importance of building a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content online for your targeted audience. It is designed to attract prospects and transform them into customers by creating and sharing free content that will be valuable to them. By doing this, your law firm can sustain brand loyalty by providing valuable information, building credibility, and creating greater willingness to call you when the need for an attorney arises. In other words, it builds a rapport.

Your content marketing strategy is your first step in building your content plan. Because it is the marketing plan for your content, it needs to include the following:

  • Key topic areas you want to cover
  • The content assets you plan to create
  • When and how you will share your content
  • Specific calls-to-action that you wish to include

When creating a content marketing strategy, you must first decide on your objectives. What do you specifically want to do? Generate leads? Generate awareness of your law firm? Improve client loyalty? Once you figure that out, you must think about what sets you apart from your competition.

Define Your Audience

It is also extremely important to define who your audience is. Although they may all be very different individually, they will have certain things in common. You can do this by studying customer feedback, and by creating a broad description of your ideal client and what is important to them. You can then tailor the About section of your website to describe how your service fits in with your prospective client’s search.

You will also need to understand the best way to communicate with your customer, and why they may be hesitant to use your services. For example, are they afraid they will not receive the attention they need? If so, you can address that fear in your content.

It is important to know what your potential clients need from you beyond the specific services you provide. You can do this by using search and social media, and by soliciting feedback about clients from your internal personnel. You also need to know where your potential clients consume information. What social media platforms do they follow? How do they search for information?

When you know all the above, you can create a content execution plan, build a schedule that includes the type of content you want to create, and decide on the frequency of delivery. Will it be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly?

Content marketing has the power to generate more than three times the number of leads as outbound marketing, yet it costs about 62 percent less. It also has other benefits. For example, it can help you build more organic search traffic, thereby increasing the chance that your firm will show up in search results for the users you want.

We Can Help You Build a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

We can help you to define your audience, discover where they turn for information, and build your brand as a respected law firm with valuable information to share. As a boutique digital marketing firm, Premier Legal Marketing (PLM) offers the very best in personalized service. Call us today at 856-320-2016 or contact us online to learn more about PLM’s internet marketing services for lawyers.