Online Marketing Firm Warns: Avoid Holiday Hazards


Online Marketing Firm Warns: Avoid Holiday Hazards

The holidays are here, but unfortunately along with their arrival comes an increased chance of a home fire.  According to the Red Cross home fires kill 2,500 and injure 13,000 every year and risk increases during the winter months.  Christmas decorations, fireplace use and space heaters all pose a danger if not attended to properly.  Safety officials recommend you follow these tips to keep safe from holiday hazards.


1.  Keep the tree watered to prevent it from drying out

2.  Use electric candles instead of the wax ones

3.   Take extra care with candles

4.  Test carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms

5.  Clean the chimney if you are going to use the fireplace

6.  Be extra cautious using space heaters around pets as they can knock them over

7.  Have an escape plan for you and your family

8.  Do not overload power strips

9.  Inspect holiday light cords to make sure they are not frayed or damaged

10. Choose holiday lights that are UL listed and when possible use LED lights since they do not burn as hot.


Click on this link to read more great tips on how you can keep your family and home safe this holiday season.