Using AMP to Improve Your Website


Using AMP to Improve Your Website

Philadelphia SEO specialists use the latest techniques to improve your website and attract new clients in PA.Although you may have heard of AMP when discussing your website and how to improve its rankings and visibility, you may not know what it is or why it is important. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a technological tool implemented into websites to help boost speed in mobile search engines. With AMP in place, less code is needed to load pages, as it restricts the number of images, formatting, and other design features. Thus, the website moves at a faster pace for busy users who cannot wait for a site to upload onto their mobile device.

How We Help Our Clients Implement AMP

As legal marketing specialists, our primary focus is knowing which techniques will improve your firm’s digital presence. We will ensure that the AMP implementation has been done with accuracy, leaving no stone unturned. Our digital professionals take the time to carefully review your website, reconfigure AMP into the site, and put it through rigorous quality assurance tests before launching the final product.

Faster Loading Speed

Studies show that more than 50 percent of consumers use their mobile device to search for information and services. AMP helps to create uniformity between your desktop and mobile sites for effortless use. Optimizing your website with AMP reduces the amount of bandwidth and data it uses when uploading to electronic devices.

The most important benefit that results from implementing AMP is the higher speed at which the site uploads. AMP allows webpages to load up to 85 percent faster than before.

Keeping Aesthetics and Information Intact

Your law firm may be concerned that a restriction of images and designs will cause your website to lose its aesthetic qualities or compromise information about your services. With an extensive Javascript library at the disposal of AMP, your site will continue to meet its performance standards and provide the same, if not better, optimization that you expect. Your AMP-enhanced website will attract more users and keep them on your pages, with the ultimate goal of more conversions.

Freeing Up Your Time

Running a busy law firm may not allow time for comprehensive website development. Your focus is on your clients and your cases, which requires your concentration and talents. Let us take over the involved and time-consuming tasks associated with AMP implementation.

SEO Specialists at Premier Legal Marketing Use the Latest Techniques to Improve Your Website and Attract New Clients

At Premier Legal Marketing, our legal marketing professionals will find the most economical and technologically advanced methods to keep your law firm ahead of the competition. Call us today at 856-320-2016 or contact us online for more information about how AMP implementation will work for you. We serve clients nationwide.