SEO Company: Local Ambulance Driver Caught Texting While Driving


SEO Company: Local Ambulance Driver Caught Texting While Driving

A Philadelphia ambulance driver was discovered texting while driving a young boy and his mother to the emergency room. A mother and her son were rushed to Albert Einstein Medical Center for a cut on the boy’s head. On the way to the hospital, the youngster’s mother observed the ambulance driver texting and using several different apps for the entire ride, never once putting the phone down.

Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer was “disgusted” after watching the video that the mom took from her phone while in the back of the ambulance. According to Sawyer, the department enforces a no cell phone policy while driving, which includes Internet surfing, talking and texting. While the vast majority of drivers follow department rules and regulations, there are always – unfortunately – a small number of those who don’t. Sawyer said that as soon as the driver can be identified, he will be brought in and disciplined appropriately.

The woman told Action News that she recorded the driver so that she could do something to prevent other ambulance drivers from putting others in danger by using their cell phones while driving.

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