Legal Marketing Company: Key Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Lawyers


Legal Marketing Company: Key Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Lawyers

Facebook advertising offers unique benefits to lawyers interested in increasing their online presence and generating new client leads. Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world; over 1 billion users visit Facebook daily which means there exists a huge potential for exposure. Although many lawyers have been enjoying a fair amount of success increasing traffic to their websites though Google AdWords, Facebook advertising offers key benefits that should not be overlooked.

Targeted Audience

Facebook allows you to pick and choose who will see your ad. Advertisers can determine their Facebook audience based on geographic location, age range, interests, keywords and more.


Facebook ads not only allow you to use more characters per ad than Google AdWords, you can also include an image or upload a video ad.


Facebook offers a variety of options which allow you to tailor your ad campaign to meet your needs and budget. Advertisers can choose between CPM and CPC, click-based or impression-based, ad campaigns.

Quantifiable Results

Facebook provides detailed information on each ad’s performance which allows advertisers to easily analyze the success and ROI of an ad. The information provided includes impressions, reach, frequency and cost data.

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