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Philadelphia Internet Marketing Company: Shooting at Pittsburgh-Area Mall

Two people were injured Saturday in a shooting at the Monroeville Mall just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Police say the incident occurred during a college fraternity event being hosted at Winghart’s Whiskey and Burger Bar at the mall. Hundreds of Pittsburgh-area university students were bused to the Monroeville Mall for the party which was promoted on social media as #AllWhiteAffair2015 because attendees are required to dress in all white clothing.  Party-goers at the scene said that the venue was dangerously overcrowded.  Security at the Monroeville Mall has recently been increased because of a massive teen brawl in December and another incident in February in which three people were shot.  Victims injured in the shooting incident on Saturday include a 25 year old man who is said to be in fair condition and 19 year old woman whose injuries were not specified. Police say that the injured victims were not directly hit by gunshots.

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