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Philadelphia Internet Marketing Company: Family Attacked by Pit Bull They Recently Adopted

A mother and her two children were viciously attacked in their Northeast Philadelphia home by their newly adopted 2 year old dog.  The family had adopted the pit bull from the Philadelphia Animal Care and Rescue just two days before the incident.  Nicole Keppol, her 11 year old son and 10 year old daughter were all bitten during the dog attack.  After the dog attacked, the children managed to run to a neighbor’s house, and Keppol locked herself in a bathroom until help arrived.  Keppol and her daughter were both treated at Aria-Torresdale Hospital for injuries to their arms.  Keppol’s son was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where he was expected to undergo reconstructive surgery Wednesday night for his arm which was severely mangled by the pit bull.  Philadelphia Animal Control has taken the dog.  According to ACCT employees, the dog had been friendly and was deemed safe for adoption.

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