SEM Firm: Kane Aides Files Wrongful Termination Suit


SEM Firm: Kane Aides Files Wrongful Termination Suit

A former male aide to Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, has filed a wrongful termination suit against her. The ex-employee alleges that he was terminated in retaliation for recommending that Kane fire her chief of staff, who had been accused of sexually harassing his co-workers at the Attorney General’s Office.

The former human resources analyst at the Attorney General’s Office is the second employee in two months to have filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Kane.

Kane’s chief of staff has been accused of touching an assistant prosecutor inappropriately at a bar. Another woman alleges that while she was staying at a house rented by the Attorney General’s Office for agents working with the Mobile Street Crimes unit, the chief of staff entered her bedroom at night without her consent. When these allegations surfaced, the plaintiff in this case recommended that Kane terminate her chief of staff.

The wrongful termination lawsuit also alleges that Kane sought to sweep the allegations of sexual harassment against her confidant under the rug and proceed with his promotion to the chief of staff position. The suit claims that Kane told a top aide that she needed her chief of staff, and asked the alleged victims what it would take to make their allegations “go away.” Moreover, the suit asserts that Kane told a representative of the employee’s union that she would award a favorable contract if they helped make the sexual harassment allegations “go away.”

After the plaintiff was dismissed, Kane’s spokesperson told the media that the employee had been fired “for cause.” However, the former employee vehemently contests this and maintains that he received glowing performance evaluations leading up to the incident.

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