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New Jersey Marketing Firm PLM Reports on Billionaire’s Divorce and Child Support

The divorce of Chicago hedge fund billionaire Kenneth Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin has made national headlines, and could become one of the largest divorce settlements in the country.  Anne Dias Griffin recently filed for child support payments claiming that she requires $1 million per month from her husband to raise their three children, as 7, 4, and 2.  Monthly expenses claimed by Anne include $300,000 for a private jet, $14,000 for food, and $2,000 for stationary.  According to Illinois divorce law, children of divorced parents are entitled to continue living the same lifestyle that they enjoyed during the marriage.  $12 million per year in child support payments may seem exorbitant to most people; however, to put it in perspective, $12 million represents less than 2% of Kenneth Griffin’s yearly income.  CNN Money reports that Kenneth Griffin took home $950 million in 2013 and $900 million in 2012.

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