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Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

New Jersey legal marketing company can redesign and upgrade your site to boost your online presence.When your law firm first unveiled your new website, you may have marveled at the sleek design, unique features, and how it would successfully build your business. Though with the passage of time, you may come to realize that web traffic seems slow and the influx of and contact with clients appears to be dwindling. You may not connect these elements together with your law firm website, but if business is not booming one reason may be that your website needs a design update. The following signs may indicate that you are overdue for a change.

Signs Prompting Redesign

An outdated website that appears cluttered with too much information or looks aesthetically old-fashioned is likely to turn clients away. A website containing broken links or that takes more than three seconds to load will frustrate potential clients. Inaccurate information such as the wrong phone number can easily be adjusted, but other items including adding or deleting practice areas or updating the bio page with new attorney profiles may take some time and effort. Check the bounce rates on your website and how your website ranks among competitors to confirm that improvements may be needed.

One sign that you must not overlook is ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly. If not, your law firm will be missing out on the majority of users who forego sitting in front of a desktop computer and choose instead to search for services on their smartphones while on the go. About 75 percent of consumers in the U.S. prefer using their smartphones or tablets to access the internet, which means that some clients may never even find you.

Deciding on a Redesign

Before deciding to initiate a redesign, establish what your law firm would like to achieve. Revamping the site will involve changes, but an entire rebranding of your firm may require a complete overhaul of the site. Once you make the decision, consider what changes occurred since the website premiered and what you must implement, edit or toss. Identify which elements on your site attract clients most and what causes them to leave the site or bypass it altogether. Reviewing what attracts you on competitors’ sites will help you decide what is best for your site and what may be trending. Looking at websites you like, no matter the industry, for ideas works as well.

New Jersey Legal Marketing Company, Premier Legal Marketing, Upgrades Sites to Boost Your Online Presence

Redesigning your website every few years can improve user experience and keep your firm on the right page. At PLM, we will review your site, come up with savvy recommendations, and incorporate the latest trends and techniques that will draw clients to your site and entice them to stay. If you think it is time to upgrade your site or create a fresh look, contact the Cherry Hill web design company that gets results. The experienced SEO specialists at Premier Legal Marketing will guide you from start to finish. For more information, call us today at 866-855-0182 or contact us online.

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