How Can Long-Tail Keywords Enhance SEO?


How Can Long-Tail Keywords Enhance SEO?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ongoing practice of improving website content to attract traffic from organic search results. In today’s competitive market, law firms must pay attention to SEO to make it easier for potential customers to quickly find their websites. Astute use of long-tail keywords can enhance SEO by reaching highly targeted audiences and improving lead conversion rates.

There are numerous strategies for improving SEO. One of the most important is to optimize keyword placement in website content. “Personal injury attorney” is a commonly used keyword phrase for a personal injury law firm. “How to file a Workers’ Compensation claim” is an example of a keyword phrase applicable for Workers’ Compensation lawyers.

One strategy for increasing the impact of a keyword phrase is to add geographic location to support local SEO. For a law firm based in New Jersey,New Jersey personal injury attorney” will have more of an impact than “personal injury attorney” because it is more likely to rank higher in the results for potential clients searching online in New Jersey.

Why are Long-Tail Keywords Important for Law Firms?

Long-tail keywords can reach even more targeted audiences. Long-tail seems to imply a phrase that is lengthy, however, long-tail keywords may be short or long. Long-tail refers to the rarity of the phrase rather than its length. Long-tail keywords are rare as few people are likely to type a long-tail keyword phrase when they do a search. However, because fewer websites use these, your website faces less competition if it includes long-tail keywords. The key to success is identifying which long-tail keywords will be used by the type of client you seek.

Long-tail keywords tend to be very focused. Researchers are finding that potential clients who find your website using long-tail keyword searches are much more likely to turn into paying customers because they are searching for something rare and specific. Once they find it on your site, they are more eager to pick up the phone and find out what you can do for them regarding that specific topic.

Law firms are competing against each other for the attention of a limited pool of potential clients. When a customer searches for legal services online and sees your website displayed high in the results, they get the impression that Google has ranked you as an authority in your field. This builds trust with potential clients and gives them an incentive to reach out to you for an initial consultation.

SEO Specialists at Premier Legal Marketing Help Law Firms Reach the Right Clients

To pursue a successful SEO strategy, you need time and talent to produce content that is useful to real people who are searching for specific legal services. Google and other search engines are continually updating their ranking algorithms. The SEO specialists at Premier Legal Marketing are on top of the latest trends and can do the heavy lifting for you. In addition to SEO, we offer services in email marketing, public relations, web design, web maintenance, video, and social media marketing. To learn how we can enhance your digital marketing strategy, fill out our online form or call 856-320-2016 today.