Is Your Website Accessible? The Differences Between Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, and Responsive Design


Is Your Website Accessible? The Differences Between Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, and Responsive Design

Digital Legal Marketing Professionals explain why responsive design gives you more bang for your buck. A mobile friendly website is essential for any law firm that is developing a new web presence. That is because, on average, the number of people using tablets and mobile devices to browse the internet has surpassed the number of desktop users throughout the world. And the trend continues.

Mobile devices include everything from handhelds to tablets, and it is very important for site owners to know how their websites will display on any of those formats. This is where the terms mobile friendly, mobile optimized, and responsive design come into play.

Mobile Friendly

Although a mobile friendly website will appear smaller on a phone, and may not work perfectly on a touchscreen tablet, it will be perfectly functional. In fact, “mobile friendly” is the definition of a site that displays accurately between a desktop or laptop computer and any mobile device – including handheld phones and tablets.

A mobile friendly website offers the following important features:

  • Text-based phone numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses that trigger a call, directions, or email messages from a mobile device
  • Smaller size images that allow fast loading over mobile connections
  • Slideshows or image rotators that function without Flash support

Mobile Optimized

A mobile optimized website will reformat itself for a variety of handheld or tablet devices. This very advanced type of website offers larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, and differently optimized images that appear when the user is on an iPhone or other device. This means that your website can more easily engage a large mobile audience when a client is deciding on a law form.

Formatting elements of a mobile optimized website include:

  • Simplified navigation with large touchpoints
  • Reduced graphics that will not interrupt searches for critical information
  • Users won’t have to type unless absolutely necessary
  • Users have the option of viewing the desktop version of your site

Responsive Design

This new method of development is completely flexible regardless of the device being used. The website automatically orients itself based on the screen size of the device. The combined reformatting and reoptimizing capabilities make this type of site extremely flexible. Although this type of design is more expensive to develop, it gives you more bang for your buck if you are dealing with users that are active on mobile devices, or need to make decisions on the go. But it is equally valuable for commodity content, such as blogs or news outlets.

Digital Marketing Professionals at PLM Expertly Develop Responsively Designed Websites

Instant gratification is one of the many desired features of mobile browsing. A responsively designed website will allow your audience to remain engaged and loyal. The technology aspects of modern-day marketing may seem complicated, but we can make it both easy and successful for you. As a boutique digital marketing firm, Premier Legal Marketing (PLM) offers the best in personalized service. Call us today at 856-320-2016 or contact us online to learn more about PLM’s internet marketing services for lawyers.