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Haddonfield SEM Company Reports on Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed in Death of Celebrity Composer, Marvin Hamlisch

The widow of celebrity composer, Marvin Hamlisch, has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after the death of her husband.  The claim includes an alleged case of misdiagnosis of Mr. Hamlisch’s kidney disease.  The case cites the fact that Hamlisch’s doctor did not take heed of Hamlisch’s complaints and symptoms and gave the famous composer approval to travel.  After taking his doctor’s advice, Mr. Hamlisch collapsed after exiting an airplane and succumbed to his chronic condition five days later.


In her medical malpractice lawsuit, Hamlisch’s late wife alleges that her husband’s death was preventable.  Premier Legal Marketing will continue to monitor this case to see if ultimately the doctor will be held liable for medical negligence.

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