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Cherry Hill Legal Marketing Company Reports: NBC’s Dr. Snyderman Violates Ebola Quarantine Order

A surprising detail has surfaced that may contribute to the concern of local area residents regarding the deadly Ebola virus.  Dr. Nancy Snyderman, well-known as NBC’s Chief Medical Editor and a Princeton, New Jersey resident, may have potentially put area residents at risk of exposure to Ebola.  Snyderman violated an isolation agreement she made with NJ health officials and was seen around the town of Princeton when she should have been in quarantine.

Snyderman and some of her colleagues were exposed to Ebola due to a confirmed case of one of the cameraman on the crew.  Snyderman has now been placed in mandatory quarantine and local police are patrolling her neighborhood to ensure compliance.  Despite Snyderman’s violation of the earlier quarantine efforts, officials report that Princeton residents are not at risk of exposure to the deadly illness.

To read the full story, follow this link: NBC’s Medical Editor Placed under Mandatory Quarantine for Ebola

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