Digital Marketing Firm: Pokemon Go Real-life Risks


Digital Marketing Firm: Pokemon Go Real-life Risks

digital marketing firmEnthusiasm for Pokemon Go has swept through the country, and in less than one week since its launch, the number of Pokemon players has topped 15 million and even surpassed the number active daily twitter users. The game, which incorporates GPS location with augmented reality has proven to be an instant hit with kids, teens and adults, but some experts and officials are warning Pokemon players to watch out for potential “real life” dangers associated with the game.

Internet Privacy Concerns

In order to download the Pokemon Go app, users must first agree to the app’s privacy policy which grants Niantic, the game’s developer, an unprecedented level of access to a user’s Google account. Data collected through the game may be used to personalize or improve user game experience, but it can also be shared with third parties that have not yet been identified by Niantic. In response to security concerns over the game’s unlimited access to the email, photos, calendars and stored documents of its users, Niantic has admitted to a software mistake that erroneously requests full access to users’ Google accounts. The software development company has also said it is working to correct the error which will provide some limits to user data collection.

Crime Dangers

Law enforcement officers around the country are warning Pokemon Go users that criminals may target game players in armed robbery attempts. Pokemon Go players can lure other players to a particular location through a feature in the game, and officials are advising players to be cautious, stick to well populated areas and avoid playing alone at night.

Personal Injury Risk

Players focused on “catchin’ em all” also have an increased risk of being injured in accidents because they may not be paying attention to their surroundings. Players walking around looking at their phones could easily trip, slip, fall or walk into oncoming traffic. Many Pokemon players have already reported bumps, bruises and ankle sprains they sustained while playing the game. Officials are also urging people not to play Pokemon Go while driving, and some have suggested that Pokemon players use a designated driving system to avoid playing while driving. Distracted driving, whether related to texting or catching Pokemon, can result in devastating car accidents, injuries or death.

Although there are some serious dangers associated with the game, Pokemon Go has proven itself to be immensely popular, and its popularity is only expected to grow.

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