SEO Specialists Discuss Top Ten Worst States for Driving


SEO Specialists Discuss Top Ten Worst States for Driving

Everyone claims their state is the best at driving and it’s every other license plate on the road that’s the problem. However, a new list highlights who the worst drivers are across the country. The ranks are from several categories, including  failure to obey, careless driving, speeding and more.

New to the top ten list is Mississippi, which had a ranking of 23 last year. Mississippi drivers are now the 10th worst in the nation, with a 13th in worst Failure to Obey and Careless Driving rankings, which were ranked 20th and 17th respectfully last year. On the positive side, they are ranked 46th in speeding, making the state one among the best at obeying speed limits.

Delaware has ranked ninth this year on the top ten worst states, but has been dethroned for its number one spot down to two in Careless Driving by Florida. North Dakota and Hawaii have tied for seventh this year. While North Dakota is number one in drunk driving accident fatalities, Hawaii landed in the top five for both drunk driving and speeding.

In the Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania ranked 19 on the list making the top 20 for worst drivers in a state. New Jersey fared better, coming in at 48.

Montana has maintained their top position as worst drivers in the country. The state has made it to the top 20 in every category, including 20th in speeding and 1st in fatality rate, along with 6 in careless driving and 8 in failure to obey. It seems the best indicator of worst drivers is careless driving, though speeding was also very common among the worst states.

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