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New Jersey Online Marketing Firm Reports: NJ Red Light Camera Program to End

December 16th marks the end of the Red light camera pilot program in New Jersey.  The program kicked off five years ago and has generated millions of dollars for local towns, in fact the the two cameras at the corners of Rt. 70 and Springdale Rd. are among the busiest in the state.  The cameras have angered many NJ drivers who feel that the yellow light is so short they cannot help but run the red.    A recent lawsuit awarded partial refunds to drivers who received tickets.


The debate rages as to whether the red light cameras have had any positive effect on automobile collisions.   State Assemblywoman, Grace Spencer (D-Essex) has plans to bring a bill forward that would re-new the red light camera program.  Whether or not Governor Chris Christie would actually sign such a bill remains to be seen, but many speculate that he is leaning against it.  Click on this link to read more about the red light camera program in NJ. 

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