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Improve Your Website With AMP

When evaluating how to attract new clients to your law firm’s website, consider what successful websites that have millions of visitors employ for their pages. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a must-have for firms looking to increase visibility to valued clients and prospective consumers. If you dismiss AMP as just another technological fad dreamed up by Google, you may be missing out on the simplest way to upgrade your website and grow your business by leaps and bounds.

AMP implemented into websites increases the speed at which your site loads on mobile devices. AMP restricts the amount of code needed that may slow down the upload speed by removing some formatting and design features as well as images. If your website moves too slowly for the busy mobile user who does not want to wait or cannot wait too long to access your site, you may lose that potential client. In fact, even committed clients may tire from waiting for a lagging website to load, which could hurt any future business that may be conducted.

Benefits of Google AMP

Faster Loading Speed

A major benefit that is essentially unmatched is the significantly faster loading speed at which the website operates when AMP is implemented. With AMP, a website can load up to 85 percent faster at the maximum (15 percent being the bare minimum), which means mobile users will access your website and the information they desire in an instant while using eight times less data. Generally, mobile users leave sites that take longer than a few seconds to load. Since the speed of a site contributes to higher Google rankings, AMP can only help your website and business. A faster speed also means a decrease in bounce rates.

More Time Spent on Website

If your website loads up fast, this means that users will spend more time on your site — about twice as much time according to experts. The faster speed encourages potential clients to remain on the site longer and to visit more pages, which gives them a better chance to get acquainted with the services your law firm provides and thus, an edge on the competition. More time spent on your site means more conversions.

Increased Conversions and Revenue

Another benefit from using AMP on your website is increased conversion rates and more traffic on your site. Due to the quicker speed and lower number of images appearing that tend to slow down a website, conversions will multiply. E-commerce sites demonstrate the beneficial results of the practice of AMP implementation by showing a 20 percent increase in sales conversions. If mobile users find the website quick and easy to use, the positive experience improves rankings and the ability to influence consumers to consider your business for their needs.

Success With AMP

In order to achieve success by using AMP for your website, you must remember that simply adding it to your site may not be enough. A poorly calibrated website may mean the difference from reaching many prospective clients or none at all.

The qualified digital marketing professionals at Premier Legal Marketing can avoid any technological issues that may arise from a slapdash implementation.

Philadelphia SEO Specialists at PLM Implement Google AMP to Attract Clients and Keep Them on Your Site

It is an understatement to say that AMP is a must-have for every website that seeks to attract users and keep them engaged on their pages. At Premier Legal Marketing, we stay ahead of the trends to ensure that your law firm’s website is seen by more potential clients. Call us today at 856-320-2016 or contact us online to find out how we can improve and enhance your website.

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