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What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a search engine advertising tool that puts your ad at the top of a search engine results page for your keywords. Each time a user clicks on your ad and is automatically directed to your website, you pay a fee.

Cost-Effective Online Advertising

Google Ads play a critical role in launching a successful online and search engine optimization marketing program. A Google Ads campaign allows lawyers to increase firm recognition and visibility while providing detailed feedback on the advertising results. Google Ads also provides an opportunity to focus on targeted users. Moreover, Google Ads can be cost-effective. An advertiser sets the budget and only pays when users “click” on an ad link or engage.

Google Ads Boost SEO

The most important aspect of a Google Ads campaign is the development of appropriate keywords. At Premier Legal Marketing, we have extensive experience developing relevant and specific keywords that users are searching for. As a result, search engines will display your Google ad at the top of the page when a user searches for your specific keywords.

The goal of a Google Ads campaign is to achieve top paid search results that ultimately end in conversions. It is important to note that an effective Google Ads campaign works in conjunction with organic search results. This means that your paid Google ad will support your non-paid listing that appears in SERPs. Google Ads allow the advertiser to establish a daily advertising budget for the campaign.

Quantifiable Feedback

Another distinct advantage of Google Ads is the platform’s ability to provide detailed reporting on its effectiveness. Google Ads measure a variety of performance goals including:

  • The number of clicks an ad receives.
  • The average cost per click (CPC.)
  • Metrics for conversion rates.
  • Information on the total number of conversions resulting from the PPC campaign.
  • ROI data including revenue generated.

Premier Legal Marketing: Experienced New Jersey Search Engine Marketing Company Offering Complete Online Marketing Services

New Jersey SEM company, Premier Legal Marketing, has extensive experience developing and managing successful Google Ads campaigns for our clients. In addition, we offer various other online services including website design, search engine optimization, content writing, press releases, social media campaigns, reputation management services, and email marketing. For more information about creating an effective Google Ads campaign for your firm, contact our SEM specialists in New Jersey at 856-320-2016. You may also contact us online.