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Decline in Facebook Traffic

Change is in the air at Facebook, as it has been for quite a while now – and it’s having a powerful impact on Facebook traffic. Facebook is now highly focused on connected people with their friends and family, and this plays a major role in the site’s News Feed Values. Keeping users connected to » Read More

Premier Legal Marketing Named Top PPC Agency in Philadelphia

We are honored to have been named a Top PPC agency in Philadelphia.

Social Media: A Powerful Vehicle for Driving Your Business

Five Easy Tips to Attract New Business and Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition According to statistics recently cited by Business Insider, nearly 20 percent of time spent online across desktop and mobile devices is on social media. And, perhaps not surprisingly, 14 percent of that time is spent on Facebook. Simply being out there does » Read More

How A Slow Website Can Slow Down Your Success

In today’s fast-moving world we have come to expect instant gratification. Text messaging, constant access to anyone by phone, and finding virtually any information we want our need at our fingertips with just a few clicks has made most of us very impatient. So, when a website seems to take forever to load, we tend » Read More

Legal Marketing Company: The Importance of Link-Building

Building a hyperlink, or more commonly a “link,” is the process of linking other websites to your own. This process allows users to navigate between pages on the internet. Search engines use links to crawl between the pages on your website, and to crawl the links between websites. Successful link-building can mean the difference between merely existing » Read More

PLM’s Online Attorney Reviews: A Siren’s Song that Draws Clients to Your Firm

A potential client who desperately needs an attorney but doesn’t know where to start looking will probably turn to reviews at some point to make that important decision. Client reviews can be found everywhere of course, but you do have some power in managing what a future client will find. And, since reviews will exist » Read More

Top 5 Legal Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2017

Digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving, and the key to gaining an edge on your competition is to not only keep up with emerging trends, but to anticipate them and stay ahead of the game. As more and more law firms join the race to top of page one, it will become even more important » Read More

Philadelphia Legal Marketing Company: Building Google’s Trust

SEO- It’s a Trust Thing In order for your law firm’s website to achieve high rankings, Google needs to trust your site. So, how do you earn and keep Google’s trust? There are many factors that go into your website’s relationship with Google. Google’s search engine analyzes over 200 aspects of a website to determine » Read More

Philadelphia Digital Marketing Firm: Is Content Marketing Really Necessary for Lawyers?

Competition is fierce in the legal profession. The internet has become the primary source for prospective clients seeking lawyers, and law firms are fighting to be on the top of Google search results pages. In the past, keyword stuffing and technical SEO alone may have been enough to get you ranked on page one of » Read More

New Jersey SEM Specialists: New “Google Posts” Platform Could Have Major Impact on SEM

What is “Google Posts?” A new platform currently being tested by Google could have a major impact on both organic and paid search results. Nick-named “Google Posts,” since Google has yet to officially name this new feature, it basically functions as a one-way social network that displays content you post directly on a search engine » Read More

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